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"human being's submission to the fascistic authority of family,
society, state and religion."

there aren't too many kafka sites on the internet, so here's mine. the main reason i did this was because, as of 1996, there was no site that had "the metamorphosis" in complete form, so i've put it here (since then, though, i've found quite a few, most of which contain the same spelling errors contained in my version. hmmm.). i'm going to keep trying to check other sites, and provide here what they don't already have, to hopfully make this site very informative and useful.

the four major portions of this kafka site are kafka's works (the few that i have here), my interpretations of those works, other resources for finding out information on kafka and his stories, and links to other kafka websites. if you're a student looking for help on a paper, please check out the resources section, because, chances are, the question you're asking has already been asked- and answered.

but a quick note about me- i majored in business marketing in college, and i've never read kafka for any class in my life. a friend of mine introduced me to his works, and he's been one of my favorite authors ever since. however, if you're a student looking for help on a paper, keep in mind that none of what i've written is necessarily "right." feel free to write me and ask questions, and i'll help as much as i can, but your prof, notes and your own ideas are your most trustworthy sources.

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